An Unlikely Bliss


Were you surprised to find the option to move to a major American metropolis appealing? Were you disappointed to watch as it slowly began to dissolve in front of your eyes as you stood back, halted by indecision and fear? Confused and terrified to commit to this unlikely unknown. To realize you wanted this, this something you never would have assumed you’d want? Concrete slabs, suburbs, gridlocks, 9-5’s, 18-lane highways, traffic, oh the traffic, the rush of business, profit, suits and ties.


When did you realize this is not that. Atlanta is enormous. There is opportunity. There is excitement. Passion. So much room for growth and a fertile environment to plant seeds of something new.


So when you fought to keep that option available, you had to trust that there must be pockets of bliss, snippets of soul amidst the world of business and convention and American standards. You learned faith and had to put enormous effort into understanding, really understanding, that you will create your own reality and that will not be it.


And Atlanta. Look what Atlanta had waiting for you once you found that trust.




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