Salento Scenes

Nestled high (6,217 feet in elevation) in the eje cafetera, the coffee triangle between Colombia’s second and third largest cities (Medellin and Cali, respectively), Salento sits tranquilly and blissfully in the misty Andes. It is here that life continues at a traditional Colombian pace and style, that music winds through the hilly streets, farmers tie their donkeys up to street poles before heading to a bar in the square for a cerveza, and families meader the roads in clumps, enjoying the coffee culture and picturesque colonial architecture of the town.


It was here I was reminded to slow down, still myself, just observe the tides and brushes of life and nature wind around itself. To appreciate the eternal cycles of growth, to watch morning brighten to day and day fade to dusk, dusk darken to night.


The chaotic buzz of the big cities of Colombia leave you riding an energetic high, especially as a traveler, amazed and enthralled with the massive excitement of finding yourself immersed in Colombia – such an incredible environment.


It’s too easy to get caught up in that intensity. But eventually, you find yourself drained and exhausted.

It is then that the peace of Salento calls. You intrinsically desire to return to a landscape of lush, fertile growth, of quiet serenity, of calm.



Salento was everything for me.


Exactly when I needed it.


And it found me, restored me like the most harmonizing, deep vibrations of a song.


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