Colombia Round Two

Your sun-starved pallid Michigan skin, limp and so pale you begin to worry that you’ve lost the ability to produce melanin is begging, begging for sunshine.

It’s been 6 long months of Winter, very far from the equator.

It’s almost instinct, to check flight prices to your favorite country. Colombia, the country where you feel you truly came into yourself, the fullest expression of your being.

Call it luck, coincidence, fate. A 75% off sale through Spirit Airlines, leaving you jaw-dropped as you immediately book the $220, ROUNDTRIP ticket to Medellín. A week-long Spring break of sorts. You’ll be revisiting the places you began to know yourself the year prior, which is sadly already seemingly a different lifetime. You need this refresher, it’s been a tough time back home in America. It’s a journey to reconnect. A soul trip, really.

And after a full day of travel, when the sweet, sweet Colombian sun kisses your skin, grace and ease immediately settle back into your body. The built-up tension releases and oh, the warmth of the sun. It cuts right through to the soul. And your body drinks it up thirstily, thankfully.

You reconnect back to what really matters in life.

Colombia will always be in my heart for being the first place to truly reveal these lessons to me. I am entirely in awe at the beauty of this region and the wisdom it contains.




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