I’m back!


The last this corner of the interwebz heard of me was roughly one year ago as I was waiting during a layover to my final destination via one-way ticket: Colombia.

I was terrified.

But oh, did I feel this calling me. I had this strong urge to explore Colombia – a land to which I was oddly and inexplicably drawn. Perhaps due to the stark contrast between the stereotypes and the reality that the country faces. I had a feeling Colombia was more warm, vibrant, paradisiacal and less war-torn, drug-lord-oppressed than we in the USA are led to believe. And I couldn’t shake this hunch without setting out to explore it myself. So I did just that.

With little more plans than one-month at a permaculture farm nearby Medellin, I bought myself a one-way ticket and reassured my insistent grandma that if I were to find myself in trouble, our code word would be kitties (this would presumably come in handy when I was kidnapped and held at ransom, because obviously that would happen..).

Timidly and with my 3 months of Spanish, I arrived. Oh did I ever arrive.

What I found in Colombia was more than I could have ever sought out. The friendships, the inspiration, the daily presence, the happiness, the warm welcomes, the pure beauty of the place found me ridiculously engaged and living my bliss. Exploring and transcending cultural borders. I felt myself living the life I had long longed for.

It was glorious.

And there was no way I was going to spend valuable time in front of my computer to blog about it while still there. Therefore, here we are. I’ve returned after 7 months in South American heaven and plan to regal anyone who cares to listen about this exploration.

I have a feeling Colombia and I haven’t seen the last of each other yet.



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