Batu Caves

This very popular tourist site is just a few quick stops on Kuala Lumpur’s incredibly snazzy and modern lightrail. It’s wide wide windows provide incredible views of Malaysia’s beauty. And seriously, Malaysia is so colorful, so beautiful, so bright.

The main cave, Cathedral Cave, is the location of one of the most popular Hindu temples outside of India, up a few steps. Except a few means 272 and they are very narrow and steep. It’s a good way to justify all that outstanding Indian food you’re about to consume after descending.

50-foot tall statue of Hanuman (Hindu Monkey God)
Saaris sittin’ in the sun
The world’s tallest statue 140 ft of Murugan, the Hindu God of war and victory, plus the 272 steps
mama monkey, bebe monkey
The underwhelming temple within the incredible Cathedral Cave
Kuala Lumpur’s skyline from way up in the cave
Flora and Fountains
Beautiful gates


It was a really interesting sight that I’m so glad we decided to fit in to our short four days in Malaysia. So many monkeys scurrying around inside the caves, so much Hindu and Indian culture to which I’m sadly ignorant, such cool and dark air, and rock formations that stunned the geologist in me.


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