Chiang Mai Rhythm

photo credit: Fou Lin Sachaeo

Chiang Mai life has a rhythm now. A bob-your-head tap-your-toes rhythm that projects the next (and final..) month and a half to be exciting, happy, and free. I rented a motorbike like a true Thai. It is changing everything. I zip and zoom around town and nothing is too far anymore. We drove 20 minutes to a red sandstone clay quarry yesterday where we jumped off cliffs into impossibly deep turquoise waters as the sun glittered in our ripples. I have a mental list of my favorite places for coffee or food and a list of places next on my list to explore or discover. I know where to shop and I know what’s a good deal. I can bargain in Thai and impress the vendors. The weekends are filling up with trips around Thailand and we’re planning one more trip out of the country. I’m keeping busy with self-motivated projects (finally conquered F. Scott Fitzgerald) and finding contentment in my slower life here. Every day brings a new discovery or a happy experience and it is so much fun.



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