Crickets and Lunch

Crickets, and apologies for them. I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at my constant digital connectivity and the horrifying hours I log on my laptop. In a moment of rash decision yesterday, I deactivated my Facebook. I might be forced (forced, I tell you!) to return, as my program communicates solely through it (..right?). BUT, at least for now, I’m basking in my noble attempt at finding real adventure and entertainment in Thailand instead of staying up-to-date second on the lives of my 200-some Facebook friends.

This picture has nothing to do with anything. But, it’s taken at my favorite breakfast/lunch spot: WanWaan (Sweet Day) where I can get this: Khai Jiao – a Thai style omelette over rice drenched in chili sauce which is as common as ketchup as this picture shows OR the best, most gooey-est French toast and juicy bacon. And a cup of some of the best coffee I’ve found in Chiang Mai for about $3-4.

For lunch, I sat down at a typical nondescript, plastic serving ware, Thai hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves decent portions of a few dozen dishes all for 30 Baht ($1). Always on the quest for improvement, I found my ‘salad with mixed vegetables, glass noodles, and chicken’ perfectly seasoned. Which, in Thailand, means ADD CHILI POWDER NOW. 20 minutes later and I am sitting blurry eyed, nose flowing, and sweat rolling down my legs due to the plastic chair, the 90˚ temperature, and the dash of pepper. That’s more like it. The number of napkins (toilet paper squares) I went through wiping my face is embarrassing. My aim is to return home able to conquer the spiciest of the spicy in America.

Today’s lunch. Looks harmless, no? 
Source: googleimages

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