Thai Animals

I have no exciting coherent news. Recently life has been a happy passing of classes, yoga, massages, new foods, sunshine, exploring (found the English bookstores!), and being with cool people. Tomorrow I will be waking up before 5am to go to my first Thai Kickboxing class. We cooked banana sticky rice steamed in a banana leaf, sweet&sour pork salad, green chicken coconut curry, and cashew chicken stir fry in our second Thai cooking class. A couple friends and I swam at a very close-by waterfall a few afternoons ago. I finally found a new yoga studio that I’m impressed with and will continue to go to. I got a $7 hour long foot massage and reflexology today by former womens’ prison convicts (yeah)(Dad, yours are still better!). This weekend we will be going to Doi Inthanon for a day trip. It’s a national park (highest point in Thailand) where we’ll do some hiking and outdoorsy stuff.

For those who I shocked by complaining about not quite enjoying my time here, that has all passed and I am embracing this crazy experience and am fully accepting it now. Acceptance and impermanence and all that good stuff, you know?

Anyways – here’s some cool animals.

Emily and I hanging with some MONKEYS at Koh Poda (Poda Island). We fed them bananas and they snatched them greedily.
(Photo cred: Jhoanna Green)
This is what snorkeling looked like. You can’t see the translucent jelly fish that suddenly are surrounding you and give you sharp stings for hours afterwards.
(Photo cred: Julia Park)
Dude holds sea urchin before handing it to me. Scary, but thrilling.



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