Retail Therapy Thai Style

I needed a little (or a big) pick-me-up after a rough week. My money goes a long way here and this weekend I’ve engaged in some retail therapy, Thai style.

200 Baht ($7) – 60 minute full body massage. It was incredible. Thai masseuses are decidedly not afraid of contact. Within the course of the hour, I had a Thai woman sitting on my butt, massaging my leg with her foot, and elbowing my back. It felt wonderful and we got sweet ginger tea afterwards to aid circulation. This might become a regular indulgence.


10 Baht ($0.33) – a beautiful little Thai silk coin purse. A solid swatch of shimmery purple is set off with a strip of embroidered elephants.

20 Baht ($0.66) – 5 long-stemmed colorful daisies from the Hmong village’s flower farm we visited on Friday. To brighten up my room.

45 Baht ($1.50) – a wheatgrass shot at a super hip salad//health restaurant. I’ve never had wheatgrass before but I’ve heard how great it is for your health. It was certainly not pleasant, but I would have it again if I had something to chase it with.

180 Baht ($5.66) – a small wheel of Brie cheese. Cheese is SO expensive in Thailand. But I definitely needed a brie fix.

350 Baht ($12.66) – a pair of sandals. They are dark brown and tie up my ankles in long purple ribbon.

150 Baht ($5) – a pretty new journal to write down all my pretty adventures.

If you must indulge in retail therapy, Thailand is not the worst place to do it.


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