Adventure and Spirit

Anxious for more exploring of the wide old world, a group of four friends and I headed down to Southern Thailand on the Andeman Coast this past week for some quality beach time, which was indeed what we got.


I’m sorry to report that motivation for writing/updating/creating anything is lacking, having just recovered from my first bout of food and/or sun poisoning (WHILE en route back to Chiang Mai on buses, planes, and super sketchy hotels) that left me cursing Thailand and swearing to catch the next flight back to lovely, comfortable USA despite the reality that would mean parting with literally thousands of dollars in program fees/scholarship/financial aid.


But of course, I didn’t travel around the globe to find comfort. I’m here for adventure and so far, I am finding it as easily as playing hide and seek with a toddler.

Need proof? In a span of less than a week, I got stung multiple times by jellyfish (and kept on snorkeling), held a sea urchin, fed bananas to wild monkeys, swam at multiple postcard beaches, cuddled with teeny baby kittens with just barely opened eyes while swaying in a hammock, mastered the art of the squat toilet, lived to tell the tale of the time your long tail boat was nearly capsized in the wild Indian Ocean waves in the dark of night, lightning in the distance and no life vests on board, snorkeled with photo plankton after dark, and quickly discovered the magical cure to sunburn – coconut oil – slathered on liberally and often (obviously not before going into the sun).

Easy-peasy. Who said traveling is hard?

Enter the final day of the trip, which was adamantly intent on making us appreciate the good times by the effective tool of contrast.

Unable to drag ourselves off our magical beach island paradise, we missed the bus to the airport and had to pay twice as much for the next one, on which I became increasingly sick. We arrived at the Hat Yai airport with plans to crash there for the night. The attendants thought otherwise and told us we (obviously) couldn’t, so we had to again pay to take another dreadfully bumpy ride into town to a very sketchy hotel and possibly brothel where I got sick multiple times in the worst way and then was able to commiserate in company as whatever food poisoning I got knocked down three of my four other friends like dominos throughout the night. In the morning we made the journey back to the airport and then finally back to Chiang Mai like sick zombies that we were.

See? Adventure, guys, it’s fun.

But, really. It may still be too soon to say I’d do it all again, but give it a week and I’m sure I’ll have forgotten the heaving wreak I was that night. Please take a look at my friend, Donielle’s blog. She beautifully describes our 5 day island experience that was nothing if not memorable.

But truly it was so much more. Happy, Sun-filled, Easy, Relaxed, Welcoming, Loving, Fun. So much fun.


I do believe I’ll be back!


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