9 Bits and Pieces

9 bits about my life in Thailand before 9 am


1. I go to Chiang Mai University where we are required to wear a uniform. Black skirt, white shirt. Thais consider it an honor to be a student and the uniforms reflect that.

2. Mango sticky rice is possibly the best sweet dish I’ve ever had. Twice now, I’ve watched the lady at the stall smoosh down the rice with her hand and slice fresh mangos over top, ladling sweet coconut milk on top and finishing with some salty puffy crunchy spindle thing.  It’s only 30 Baht ($1) and by the end of the semester, she will know my name.

3. Laundry services are plentiful here. This weekend I got my school uniform washed, dried, and ironed for 10 baht (33 cents)!

4. A crowing rooster wakes me up every morning. I actually kind of like it.

5. Outdoor markets are everywhere here. I’ve been to about 4 touristy ones, which were really cool, but I have only been to one local market, where I actually see a majority of Thai people shopping.

6. Few Thai’s cook at home. Our apartments don’t have any sort of kitchen, only a refrigerator. Why cook where there are so, so many options for food right down the street for so little money. There are thousands of street vendors making steamy, spicy, delicious Thai food within a 5 minute walk of my apartment.

7. My school’s campus is enormous. Yesterday, two friends and I went and sketched/painted for a couple hours on the LAKE by our department’s building.

8. I have not gotten food poisoning/sick from the food here yet. A few times my stomach was rumbling, but nothing extreme thank god. It’s almost inevitable, though.

9. Random animals hang out on the street here. Dogs happily trot next to you, hoping for some of your food, and once a dog found its way into our Thai language class and our teacher explained that this is normal, so it just chilled on the floor with us.


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