Veselé Vánoce

IMG_4184Christmas descends on Prague in the most natural way. This ancient historical city is the ideal set for the sentimental festivities, glimmering decorations and the alluring smells of cinnamon and spice drifting from the Christmas markets.


Children perform adorably squeaky recorder or clarinet recitals on the main stage in Old Town Square, tourists and locals mull through the wooden market stalls, spits slowly rotate to waft the smell of warm, savory, juicy ham down the aisles.

People stand around tables laughing and drinking svařák (hot, mulled, spiced wine) or hot mead, the enormous Christmas tree looms overhead shimmering magnificently.


For a second, you get a sense that you’re back in Medieval Prague of the 15th century, the dazzling seat of the Holy Roman Empire.

But of course you’re not. The Prague of this moment, the one you’re a part of, is so remarkably salient, such an essential moment of influence on you.


You can’t imagine being anywhere other than here.


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