Daily Prague

Never before has daily life been so extraordinary.

(Photo cred: Jessie Kleiner)
Hlavní Nádraží – main train station
(Photo cred: Mackenzie Lada?)
Christmas tree at Staroměstské náměstí (Old Town Square)
(Photo cred: Sunny Wilson)
Pilsner before class
(Photo cred: Sunny Wilson)
Café amaretto at Grand Café Orient – the only surviving Cubist interior architecture in the world.
(Photo cred: Sunny Wilson)
Walking home to see this (gangham style youtube video) on our neighboring building.
(Photo cred: Vanessa Narrevo)
Playing in the snow after and during our snowball fights.
(Photo cred: ???)
The Nutcracker/A Christmas Carol Ballet at the Národní divadlo (National Theatre)
(Photo cred: Sunny Wilson)
Class at the Národní galerie v Praze (National Gallery). Our teacher, Ivana explaining Alfons Mucha’s “The Slav Epic”, which depicts the history and struggles of the Slavic race.
(Photo cred: Jessie Keiner?)
Frieda and Nathan at the Národní galerie v Praze (National Gallery) Theodor Pištěk – Ecce Homo exhibit



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