Procrastination in its Most Sincere Form


I’ve holed myself in my bedroom. A glass of water, an empty mug of coffee, and a greasy bag of microwave popcorn clutter the space. My bed is a disarray of journals, coursepacks, highlighters, headphones, books, and cords.

I’m writing papers and after this entire semester of the barest minimum of academic work I’ve ever been obliged to do, 8 pages of analysis of one book seems like a never-ending staircase. My writing efficiency has totally decreased and I sit staring at 6.5 pages unable to muster up another orderly sentence.

So instead I write blog posts, chitter chat on facebook with my roommates who are also holed up in their respective rooms right across the hall pretending to do work, jam to some rap music, watch an episode or two of ‘friends’, and most importantly, stumble on a blog written by a girl who is studying abroad currently in Thailand through the same program I’ll be in next semester.

I became utterly and totally beyond-words excited. As if my life in Prague wasn’t enough!

Elephants, the best beaches in the world, panoramic sunsets viewed from hammocks, waterfalls, temples, jungles, mountains, pad thai, sticky mango rice.
HOW IS THIS MY LIFE?!?!?!?!?!?!


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