Prague Niche

Returning home is such a wonderfully comforting act. Traveling is exciting and enthralling, but no less tiring and wearying. We came home from Berlin last night. An instinctual wave of relief washed over me as I retreated back into my cozy, warm nook of a room. How lovely to have a place to call home in a different continent. How lovely to regard Prague my respite of homey comfort in the midst of constant movement.

The days just keep getting darker, the air more crisp and the layers of jackets thicker and thicker. I am the queen of cozy. Fall and Winter suit me, my tea cups, and my wool socks well. With only a month left here, I sometimes feel a rush of anxiety to fit everything Prague offers into my shrinking daylight hours. And then some days like today, I burrow into the coziness and revel in it.

Sight-seeing, exploring, and constantly discovering has been my life for the past 3 months. This surely isn’t sustainable without giving myself the pleasure of my cozy days. Time to reflect, recharge, and confirm what I want out of this experience.

These pictures show my snug and glowy little corner in Prague. This is what I see everyday and it never fails to assure my happiness and satisfaction with this life I’ve made.

Now, I’m going to pour myself another cup of tea.

Pssst – shots and stories from Berlin coming soon!


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