Ajeto Glassworks

This past Friday, our program went to the small Northern Bohemian town of Lindava to visit the glass works factory of Ajeto. Czech glass is world famous and as Ajeto is one of the best in the Czech Republic, it’s one of the best worldwide. All their glass is made from sand from the country. It’s coloring comes from precious metals and minerals. The ruby is colored from 14 karat gold and the yellow is from uranium – snazzy.

The workstation was crazy casual – all the glass works ‘masters’ were in shorts, open button-up shirts, and sandals. Eye protection was rare, gloves were not present. This would never fly in the US, but hey – they’re masters! They know how to handle their selves. They know how to make beautiful glass!


We each got to blow our own vases and beer steins (we just attached the handle). It was an awesome experience. I’ve even looked up glassblowing classes at Michigan for when I return. Unfortunately, U of M doesn’t offer them, too bad.


After we finished glass blowing, they fed us a traditional Czech lunch of garlic soup (mmmm), pork goulash and bread dumplings.

We got to explore their showroom at the end of our trip – so many elegant, beautiful pieces of artwork. I can only image in the skill and precision it took to create them.

Just your average Friday in the Czech Republic.


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