The Ruins of the Dívčí Kámen (Maiden’s Stone) Castle

I’ve returned from the whirlwind Central European Field Study Tour. It was incredible and exciting and exhausting – how wonderful it was to discover how comforting my return to Prague was, a city known to me for just over one month, as my home to rest after all the non-stop adventures of the past five days. Would you ever believe it was relieving to hear people speaking Czech? It was a great feeling that’s extended even today as I went about my newly established daily routine in the city. A feeling of belonging and ownership is slowly weaving itself around me and Prague – I couldn’t be more pleased.


The first stop on our Field Study Tour was the ruins of the Dívčí Kámen (Maiden’s Stone) castle in Southeastern Bohemia. The castle was built on a cliff above the confluence of the Křemžský Stream and the Vltava River. It was founded by the Rosenberg family in 1349 and after several generations of habitation, the maintenance and cost of the castle became too steep. It was abandoned in the 16th century. Many of the stones from the castle were taken away by the local farmers to build their houses but the impressive ruins of the castle are still preserved.

We spent a lovely autumn morning walking through dewy green pastures and colorful happy forests to get to the castle ruins. Local goats accompanied us part of the way. It was a great start to the trip.



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