Tallinn, Estonia


Did you know it existed? As my ever-nearing fairytale dream of living in Central Europe  draws closer and closer (52 days until my date of departure – Ack!!!!) I find myself logging considerable hours researching (browsing travel blogs is researching, okay?!), researching, and more researching.
Seriously. This girl is a planner.
I have always been so. I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I live in dreams and thoughts of my next upcoming adventure.
Live in the moment, seize the day, you know?
…Or fantasize of the cinnamon scented, cobblestoned streets of snowy, charming Tallinn. Yeah, that works. I am trying to curb this sometimes unhealthy habit of losing myself in future-land, making a real effort to be present and live with intention. I’ve been improving as I grow older. But with my upcoming study abroad, this year it’s been a struggle. One that I’m not too disappointed to be losing. I will thank myself when I’m in Europe and have some semblance of a clue what the hell I’m doing.
Unless I’m starry-eyed watching videos of Thailand adventures by that time..

Estonia is a Republic in the Baltics bordered by the Baltic Sea, Latvia, and Russia. The people are said to consider themselves Nordic (Scandinavian), rather than Baltic (usually thought of as Latvia and Lithuania). Indeed, the Estonian language closely resembles Finnish, and the area has previously been ruled by the Danes and the Swedes. No, they don’t speak Russian. Throughout various travel blogs, I’ve read about enchanting times and a warm, Christmas-y atmosphere in Estonia, especially from travelers stationed in cold, smelly (apparently!) Russia.

To me, Russia is a pipe-dream travel location. I am very interested in learning the language and I’m enamored with the vague ideas I have about the culture. If you’ve ever seen the animated movie ‘Anastasia’ in your childhood, that comes close to how I perceive the cold, snowy country. Rich yet starkly beautiful, a perfectly icy tundra, noble, intricate and layered. But, obviously, Russian travel is hard to come by. I’ve looked into visas a few times, to come away with only the notion of how complicated it is to obtain one. Visiting Russia is definitely on my life list, but in case it is to difficult to come to fruition this year, pretty Estonia will be waiting there for me not as a second choice, but as a rung up the ladder of my divulges into Eastern Europe.


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