An Unlikely Bliss

Were you surprised to find the option to move to a major American metropolis appealing? Were you disappointed to watch as it slowly began to dissolve in front of your eyes as you stood back, halted by indecision and fear? Confused and terrified to commit to this unlikely unknown. To realize you wanted this, this … More An Unlikely Bliss

Salento Scenes

Nestled high (6,217 feet in elevation) in the eje cafetera, the coffee triangle between Colombia’s second and third largest cities (Medellin and Cali, respectively), Salento sits tranquilly and blissfully in the misty Andes. It is here that life continues at a traditional Colombian pace and style, that music winds through the hilly streets, farmers tie … More Salento Scenes

Colombian Dusk

Enchanting warm hues saturate the atmosphere. You are immersed, fully and wholly. You are within the colors, the heat, the energy as the sun melts into the sky and the sky drenches you in serenity. Colombian peace. This surely must be the effortless bliss for which meditators sit.

Medellin’s Scenes

A brief look at some corners of Medellin, Colombia including the very important portrayal of the death of infamous Pablo Escobar. This is my Medellin, dripping in lush greenery, saturated in sunshine and warmth, buzzing with life and energy, and always a bit a intrigue. More scenes to follow: